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Ith the Automated Anatomical Labeling Atlas (AAL; Tzourio-Mazoyer et al., 2002) or using Marsbar (http://marsbar.sourceforge. net). A cingulate ROI that combined Brodmann Areas (BA) 24 and 32 (dilated to 2 mm) as well as the AAL anterior, middle, and posterior cingulate was divided into the dACC (bounded between y = 33 and y = 0) and the rACC (bounded between y = 54 and y = 34) (Bush et al., 2002;
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An, 2007; Fan and Han, 2008; Rameson et al., 2012). Nonetheless, Rameson et al. (2012) also observed that these men and women highest in trait empathy showed no reductions, neurally or experientially, below load. Moreover, Fan and Han (2008) demonstrated that an early element of empathic neural responses is unaffected by cognitive load, whereas a later component of empathic neural responses is dam
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